Catching up with Issue 15 guest editor Thomas Lohr

Thomas Lohr, HIMMELBLAU, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel, courtesy of the artist.

We’re featuring what our Issue 15 guest editors have been up to since the issue was released at Paris Photo in November 2022. Each of our 50 guest editors on the issue selected an image by an artist from our international open call to feature in a spread next to an image of their own in Issue 15. To see their work in the issue order your copy. Our guest editor Thomas Lohr has built a successful career as a fashion photographer while pursuing an arts practice. Lohr’s work is characterized by the relationship he develops with his subject matter over long periods of time. Thomas Lohr's latest exhibition; "Himmelblau" captures the clear and cloudless sky from different parts of the world and opens on the 9 of March from 4 - 8 pm at LRRH_Aerial in Düsseldorf.

The Message in "Himmelblau"

Through "Himmelblau," Lohr aims to highlight the shared human experience of looking up at the sky. The photographs are of the same sky, with subtle variations in light and color, emphasizing their commonality. The exhibition's title, which translates to "sky blue," reflects the artist's focus on the color blue, which is a universal symbol of calmness, serenity, and vastness. The photographs' similarity emphasizes that we are all connected to each other, regardless of where we come from or what our experiences are. The exhibition also encourages the audience to reflect on their place in the world and how they relate to others.

The Impact of "Himmelblau"

Lohr's "Himmelblau" has a profound impact on its viewers as it transports them into the sky's blue immensity. The exhibition invites the audience to step away from their daily lives, an experience that brings people together and encourages them to view the world from a different perspective. Thomas Lohr's "Himmelblau" captures the sky's beauty and its universal significance. If you have the opportunity to see "Himmelblau" at LRRH_Aerial in Düsseldorf from March 9 to 31, take it. You will not be disappointed.

Thomas Lohr, HIMMELBLAU, Cascade, Yerevan, Armenia, courtesy of the artist.