Der Greif & Collaborating Artists at Paris Photo


Paris Photo, the leading international fair dedicated to the photographic medium, returns and you are invited! Together we celebrate the release of “The Collectivity Issue” on November 10.Issue 15, titled “The Collectivity Issue”, marks a special approach to Der Greif’s annual guest-editing. Instead of working with one guest editor, Der Greif invited 50 artists to each edit a single spread within the publication. Join us for the pre-launch of Der Greif #15 incl. signing on November 10, 5 - 7.30 pm in the Paris Photo Media Lounge, at the Grand Palais Ephémère.After the pre-launch, we welcome you to our special release event at 9 pm at L’INAPERÇU, 29 Rue de Montmorency - 65 Rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris. Come celebrate with us and some of the participating artists with an open bar and DJ. At L’INAPERÇU, an installation of the magazine, showcasing all 50 double spreads, will be on display. We’re looking forward to celebrating with you! Please RSVP for the event.

The 25th edition of Paris Photo is bringing together 183 exhibitors from 31 countries. We have put together a guide, so you don’t miss out on the highlights of our issue 15 collaborating artists.

Webber Gallery is showing works from Zora J Murff’s series “American Mother, American Father”, in which the artist and activist challenges his own relationship to race and Blackness, using himself as a site for broader social critique and interrogating an increasing yet conflicting desire for status, success, and positioning.

Stick around Webber Gallery’s stand to see work by Thomas Albdorf, who combines classic photographic genres with contemporary visual techniques. His landscapes and still-lifes are boldly aesthetic, but his use of the photographic medium is highly conceptual. Using both analogue and digital techniques, Albdorf constructs fictional realities from photographs of persistent visual clichés found online. Albdorf typically submits his constructions to image recognition software to see if the program could be tricked into identifying his fictions as ‘real’.

Robert Morat Galerie is exhibiting works of Jessica Backhaus’ series “Cut Outs”. Color and form, light and shadow - her images are created using the basic elements of photography: Cut out transparent papers are arranged on a paper backdrop, exposed to the sun and photographed. The papers react to the intense heat, deform, rise, contract, and cast shadows. The photographer becomes the documentarist of a visual experiment.

Represented by Robert Morat Galerie is also visual artist Hannah Hughes. Her work explores the relationship between image, sculpture and language, focusing on the potential of negative space, and the salvaging and re-use of discarded materials. Her research is in part a response to “Femmage” (a feminist term coined by Miriam Schapiro and Melissa Meyer in the 1970s to describe covert art practices from matter found in the home), reconsidering our relationship to domestic materials today, and how these can be saved and re-configured.

At the stand of Galerie Les filles du calvaire, you will encounter works by Todd Hido who is taking lengthy road trips in search of imagery that connects with his own memories. Hido alludes to the quiet and mysterious side of suburban America - where uniform communities provide for a stable façade - implying the instability that often lies behind the walls.

Flowers Gallery is showing Gabby Laurent’s “Wearables” from 2022. The artist is making sculptural, wearable pieces to be worn within the photograph. While all materials are comfortable and familiar, containing ideas of domesticity (carpet, tights, upholstery stuffing), there is a duality of protection/aggression in the forms and poses. The images are playful but come with dark undertones, aggression and constraint. According to the artist, the work has been made since becoming a mother, when themes of the domestic and protection really started to resonate to that part of her life.Head over to the book sector and drop by Loose Joints Publishing, where Gabby Laurent’s book “Falling” is on display. Reflecting on personal situations of bereavement and new life, Gabby Laurent’s performed choreography of falling is a space for self-reflection, allowing her body to repeatedly give way to gravity and create a visual space to contemplate time, fate and circumstance.

Visit Hartmann Books to browse Anne Morgenstern’s highly political book “Macht Liebe”. What can a body be and what is it allowed to be? The bodies in Anne Morgenstern’s pictures undermine any categorization. In an interplay of form, color, and materiality, Morgenstern combines photographs of human bodies with those of objects. In doing so, she relates them to one another and gives them new meaning. Bodies as we know them are deconstructed and embedded in new contexts.Last but not least, you will encounter both Gabby Laurent and Anne Morgenstern on The Elles x Paris Photo fair path that promotes the visibility of women artists and their contribution to the history of photography. Orchestrated this year by Federica Chiocchetti, 77 artists are presented here all together in a purely visual sequence. Chiocchetti states that she extended the selection to the book sector, because for a woman it seems easier to publish a book than to be represented by a gallery, which means that there is still work to do in the photography market.