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A Rainy Evening in Berlin

Artist Blog by Yuxi Wang

One rainy evening, I stood at the top of a hill overlooking all of Berlin. The air was moist and cool, and the world seemed to be holding a hint of mint candy. Droplets of water whipped by the breeze rested on the edges of lime-green leaves, shaking. The blue of the sky was sinking, and in the distance were interlocking shades of blood orange and pale yellow, a large pinkish-purple cloud was slowly drifting over my head. I felt myself being wrapped up in a profound and ambiguous delight, crisp and yet filled with sweetness at the same time - I somehow had a hard time finding particular words to describe this wondrous synesthesia, except that for a moment it felt like I was resonating with nature. I began to dance involuntarily.

This is undoubtedly one of the rare, delicate, and exclusive moments where I experienced "boundless bliss". Moments like these are infinitely close to eternity. Through photography, I got the chance to capture and craft these moments that last slightly beyond an instant. And if I possess many such moments, I wouldn't have to worry about the brevity of life.