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Aesthetic and Motifs

Artist Blog by Vân-Nhi Nguyễn

Thinking about visual culture and its role in one’s livelihood, specifically that of my culture or of my family, floral motifs and untouched landscapes are important figures as they represent the country’s abundance and its natural resources. The motif has been used widely from the intimate confide of one’s home, to coverups, fashion, and signages. Draped in floral patterns and beautiful sceneries, these images represent for me what seems like an idealistic camouflage, blending while standing out in the cityscape, a kind of longing and attempt at creating a space for themselves.

To me, these motives emphasize commercial trade and its role, appearing on the clothes of people wearing outfits covering them from head to toe. Flowers are also printed on large fabrics and plastic boards to cover up businesses from the harsh sun and dust, yet they are attractive enough for customers to be intrigued. I wonder about this idea of camouflage and the usage of floral motifs and landscape images, their roles, and how this aesthetic reflects beliefs, truth, and perceptions.