Am Having Fun

Artist Blog by Yuxi Wang

Photography is probably a habit and a form of relaxation for me, which has the same healing power over me as the feeling of music playing in my ears and the back of my head. Surrounded by the beat of the drums, my body surges in a tidal wave. For a moment I am transported to another world, roaming in circles and even drawing new life energy from it.

I admit that my approach to photography is not that meticulous; my mindset is all about having fun. And I have discovered that this kind of mindset is just right for me. When the burden becomes heavy, it's often difficult to break free from the rut and capture satisfying photos. Disappointing pictures have already been abundant, so being able to see a captivating piece of work truly brings happiness. Photography can serve as a genuine expression of my emotions.

Moreover, most of the time, whether this photograph is enjoyed by myself is far more important than whether it conforms to certain conventional aesthetic standards. I feel more relaxed when taking photos now and have truly found a sense of spontaneity.

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