As Big As The Sky: Reflection

Artist Blog by Seth Adam Cook

As the sun began to set, golden light shimmered across the delicate wings of a butterfly that had become ensnared in a cobweb. My wife Ellie was quick to point out the beauty of the scene, urging me to capture it with my camera. As I focused on the wings, I couldn't help but be reminded of the photograph of my mother's hands, and the fleeting nature of life. With Ellie's hand serving as a delicate backdrop, I captured the moment. Using the same window, and feeling inspired, I selected a portrait of mom and placed it on the glass, focusing my camera past her photo, and into the treeline ahead. I saw these acts as a reminder of the need to accept and value what a short life we have. I continue to be inspired by my mother and I cherish the memories of her and what she taught me most - loving my family in a way that could only be described as "as big as the sky.”

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