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Artist Blog by Julia Albrecht

My passion is triggered by the artistic elaboration and deepening of my projects - technical or conceptual development. Today, more than ever, I am convinced that art can illustrate groundbreaking approaches for a better society. This brings great opportunities but also an equally high level of responsibility. I realised that art means understanding life and focusing on its problems, what nobody wants to see but should see - an awareness act. My work is based on a fascination for existence and death - a red thread that is continuously tied around the paradox of life. How humans, animals, and nature live together. To keep asking yourself whether everything makes sense and finding answers for it - If there are any. It is the same with female depression, triggered by socially established expectations, roles, and dogmas. Started with my depression in 2018, I tried to dig more profound into the subject. My artistic elaboration began with random recordings I made during the early stages of my depression. The therapy I had started and a lecture by Nadine Teuber, as well as her book "Das Geschlecht der Depression", made it possible for me to further work on my photography and crystallise the theme of my upcoming series. In this talk on "The Gender of Depression. "Femininity", "masculinity," and loss" Dr. phil. Nadine Teuber talks about the importance of gender in developing depressive disorders and the concept of a politics of loss. These issues that she addresses immediately inspired me, and I started researching further on this point. The resulting recordings, parallel to my research and intuitive thought processes, attempt to understand my feelings. They are the transcendence of my dreams and references in my life.

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