Dance With Me Once More

Artist Blog by Hyejeong Yoo

… They are no longer in the here and now, however, they live on in my memories. I am filled with their presence. We humans are contagious to each other.

Nothing special, it is just the same as any other day. My sister and I try to reconstruct our memories… the memories that have become vague over time. Nevertheless, they still appear so vividly in our dreams. Now, at this moment, my sister steps once again onto my feet and I gently step onto hers. One at a time, slowly and carefully. Our bones are fragile enough. Our bodies are even more fragile now than those of our parents when they carried us on their feet. In this life, we are older than they were. Reminiscent of the intricate movements of a spider's legs, I see my thin, bony fingers and feel my bony toes.

I stretch my palms upwards and grab her hands. She grips mine as well, firmly, but softly. We now dance at a very slow pace, like two old penguins. There is no music, only the silent pounding of our hearts surrounds us. We take a trip down memory lane. I don't cry anymore because of their absence, and neither does she. We laugh and laugh until we cry tears of joy at the memory of them. We are like children again. All around, our skin is wrinkled, but in my sisters' eyes I see my younger self, while in my eyes, she sees her younger self. We are spinning, yet the others see us as if we were standing still.

Part of the note to the work “deine Füße auf meinen Füßen”, 2021

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