Friends of the ‘µ’

Artist Blog by Ruben Accou

Tech talk. I usually work with a 6×7 medium format camera. It’s great for ‘controlled’ situations, but it’s a tad big to carry it around all the time. I started to feel the need to take pictures that weren’t as planned. 4 friends of mine always carried around an Olympus Mju II. Very tiny compared to the MF camera. Tiny compared to anything else as well. Very uncomplicated. Some flash modes and a shutter button. All the rest is automatic. I didn’t really think much about 35mm untill I saw how much fun this little camera is and now I’m hooked! The bulk of Bruno Roels‘ work is shot with it. Brecht Van Maele shoots a lot with it. Thomas Vandenberghe used to shoot with it a lot, but now he prefers his T2. Olivier Bekaert prefers his Leica, but when we go out, he takes his Mju. Recently we started a facebook community called “De Vrienden Van De MJU” (Friends of the Mju) where we share pictures of someone holding one. Just for fun. Care to join us?

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