Artist Blog by Piera Moore

While organized religion has been a standard in the west for the past few centuries, many have been returning to their roots and practicing the indigenous faiths of our ancestors. Guides is a photo documentary about Black and Brown spiritual guides and healers across the southern United States, where Christianity has undoubtedly reigned since slavery and colonization. African and Indigenous roots run very deep in the south. While slavery and colonialism stripped many of the native practices from our people, many of the same traditions and customs have lived on and even evolved further. In this ongoing series, I am spending time with the people that we trust for spiritual guidance: receiving readings, asking questions about their journeys and procedures, and of course, photographing them. Pictured is Ms. Moneek Sundari, a tarot reader, mother, creative, and owner of Sanktuari of Self, a spiritual wellness shop in West End, Atlanta.

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