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Imaging and Layering

Artist Blog by Vân-Nhi Nguyễn

Thinking about the physicality of an image one must think about how an ad is presented as it is put out into the world. When faced with this, the most prominent example is the white cube gallery, and how an image is presented in such a space - a large image, consumed by the white vacuum. When looking at it, it feels devoid of meaning and keeps the audience looking for the description of the image, rather than looking at the image itself. This prompted my curiosity about what would happen when an image is presented layered on top of other images or other contexts. Rather than looking for the text, I find myself searching for meaning in sequencing and layering images in multiple different ways, an exercise in interpreting meaning and finding clues. Pictures positioned atop wallpapers that evoke a sense of home or the act of decorating one's personal space with visually stimulating elements. Simultaneously, these images provide cues for others to understand your self-expression.