Interno, the book

Artist Blog by Valerio Polici

Previewed during the Fotografia Europea Festival in Reggio Emilia, Interno is now also available as a book published by Studio Faganel, an art gallery and publishing house. The book can be purchased from their website.

The idea was to create a minimal and elegant product that, in keeping with the spirit of the work, was as open as possible. For this reason, there is no real beginning or end, but only pauses in which to take a breath before continuing to wander through these spaces and the characters that inhabit them. There is no story to tell, only riddles without solutions in which to slip, possible paths in which to lose oneself without finding a map to orient oneself.

The absence of text allows the work to expand without being enclosed in a cage, leaving the viewer with a more active role in the creation of meaning.

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