Miscellaneous Portfolio Images (Loved Ones + Altars)

Artist Blog by Piera Moore

The selected images here come from two smaller series of work entitled Loved Ones and Altars. Loved Ones is a celebration of the human experience. It features photographs of familiar spirits that I have connected with along the way, centering Black and Brown communities and customs. Family, friends, and strangers alike can be loved ones as long as they carry a familiar, loving, or even protective spirit. From my childhood home in Southwest Atlanta to the rooftops of riads in Marrakech, I have had the pleasure of connecting with people from all over, not only through photography but through genuine human interaction. Altars features still life photographs of fabricated altars composed of items from around my family members' houses. Each altar represents a person or relationship in my home life that I hold dear. I find the process of assembling these still life set-ups extremely special as I try to build visual narratives based on such layered, multifaceted people.

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