On obsessive searching

Artist Blog by Maria Siorba

This ongoing work aligns with some thoughts and philosophical questions that are continuously dancing in my mind: Are some of us on an endless quest of searching because our perception is distorted? Or, are we residing in a dishonest and challenging-to-trust environment? For instance, I struggle to distinguish my feelings from those of others, making it difficult to understand them, despite my best efforts. Is that a common experience? Could it be that the entire obsession with searching is a way to determine our normalcy? Is the world lying to us, or are our minds deceiving us?

Obsessive searching and understanding may stem from the need to heal and restore balance within our sense of self. But what truth and what findings can lead to healing, and how? Truth could facilitate healing for some by revealing their inherent worth and sufficiency, dispelling notions of wrongness, insanity, or being the root problem. However, there's a potential trap. In this quest, we often turn outward and ask, "Who are the others?" While interactions with others significantly influence our identity formation, we might easily find ourselves inclined to identify who's the most broken among us, as a way to reassess our significant truth indicators.

Given these considerations, do you believe it's necessary to receive the ultimate truth in the end? You do need to receive something. However, if this something primarily consists of negative yet familiar feedback, it fails to restore balance. Living with such a perception becomes intolerable, compelling you to continue searching in a loop, armed with questionable vision and bizarre tools for observation.

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