Other Places to Which I’ve Been

Artist Blog by Russ Thompson

Every photograph is a dislocation. The camera takes a moment of light and removes it into the abstract space of images. Yet because of this, every photograph is a possible relocation. What interests me most about photography is how each photograph is an indelible reference to the real while also suggesting a multitude of realities beyond the frame. When I gather together photographs I am pruning this multitude, making a new reality.

Photography is not the only way to make a new reality. Its technological descendants are 3d rendering and AI generation, and I am fascinated by how images generated with these methods relate back to photography. For me, the “false” image helps to show how much of the worlds we infer around a photograph are “false”. Combining them is stepping off the trail, a falling through a crack in the world. Who knows what we find in that vaster space?

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