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“Plima” B-Side #3

Artist Blog by Ivan Tomasevic

The Basement

The little room with green walls that reappears throughout the series is located in the basement of my family’s house. During the war, it served as a bomb shelter and when I was around the age of 12, it was renovated and it became my playroom where I spent time with my friends. As I grew older and moved away, my dad turned it into his playroom, so the room has come full circle.

The green walls were painted upon my request when the basement became my room. My favorite color was neon green, and I wanted that to be the color of the wall. Dad called his good friend Draz to help him paint it. Although Draz was a master house painter, it still took him two days to find the exact right green that I wanted.

Last year, he passed away from lung cancer. My dad said that he will never change the color of the wall as it is a memory of Draz and me.

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