“Plima” B-Side #4

Artist Blog by Ivan Tomasevic

The Basement, Part Two

The little green room is a place where many different stories come together.I feel that what happens inside is a reflection of both the current social climate and the history of the place. These veterans gave a good part of their life for the country and now are being looked down upon because of their struggle to fit in. They don’t feel taken up by their environment and they have created a micro-society where they find support in each other’s presence and don’t have to deal with people who don’t understand them. My father’s friend Stef called me the other night and said: “Here we are in the basement, together again. This is our nest! You know us; when we are experiencing some psychiatric issues, we come here to the sanatorium to get treated: That’s how it’s done, the only real way!” Behind him, I could hear my father laughing and shouting: “That’s it! He explained everything in one sentence!”

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