Pot pourri

Artist Blog by Ruben Accou

So, this is my final post. No surprises, more people from Gent!

I’ll probably forget some people. Sorry.

Jurgen Willocx used to study photography, but now he’s studying to be a movie director. He always has the best locations. I’ve been shooting on some of his sets.

Maximiliaan Dierickx is a director but also a very gifted cinematographer. I met him when he worked as director of photography on a set of Jurgen. He also knows all the dialogs from ‘Robin Hood Men in thights’ by heart.

Lisa Van Damme was my teacher at the St-Lukas academy.

Francois van Damme is drawing all the time. I really mean ALL the time. Great stuff, +/- 2600 pieces!

Sarah Eechaut should be known here, she was published in Der Greiff before, and also did a guestblog.

Jef Boes and me studied together.

Caroline Vincart blew my mind on a group show.

Stine Sampers young and coming.

bye bye!