Present Tense

Artist Blog by Yuxi Wang

I am prone to fantasies, often imagining a richer picture of an everyday view, thinking about the possibilities. Based on what I saw, I tried to visualize these outlandish ideas in my mind through Photoshop. In "Esthétique de la photographie," François Soulages refers to the characteristics of photography as "photographicity". In his definition, “photographicity” is an unexpected combination of "irreversibility" and "unfinishedness." Looking at these two, photography can also be understood as a fusion of loss and retention. Blurring the boundaries between documentary photography and post-processing ignites curiosity in viewers toward the image, which I find intriguing. If possible, I am more than willing to create a relatively parallel time and space, carefully preserving it through imagery.

In addition to this, I also pay close attention to the way the works are presented and their visual effects. The specific and minute details in everyday objects captivate me, and their poetic essence emanates through clean and orderly light. Simultaneously, elements like folds, compression, texture, and tactile sensations are also highly appealing to me; they assist me in conveying a sense of dynamism within static images.

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