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Self Cycle

Artist Blog by Julia Kafizova

The project aims to explore my own body from the perspective of an observer at different angles. Our body is the position or point from which we view ourselves and the world. However, our perception of ourselves is limited by the position of our body. This creates a paradoxical situation where what is closest to us, our own body, never appears to us in its entirety, and we can only observe parts of it. For instance, if we look at our hands, we can't see the back, and if we turn our eyes to the right side of our body, the left side remains hidden. And what about the face, which we would never be able to see without additional items such as mirrors, reflections, or photographs? Thus, a photo-portrait provides a unique opportunity to observe our physicality from an outsider's perspective. It allows us to meet and encounter ourselves differently. In a self-portrait, we simultaneously distance ourselves from our body by observing it from a distance and approach it by seeing it from an inaccessible perspective, allowing us to observe the smallest details and outlines. This dialectic of "near and far" elevates our understanding of our body to a new level of contemplation and conceptuality.

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