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Slava Ukraїni

Artist Blog by Julia Kafizova

It was at the residence in the village Wrodow (Mölln, Germany). I didn't have a place to live. So I went there. We were provided with food and materials. Thanks a lot to Sylvester Antony. And there I met an artist Daria Gabruk (@dariagabruk) and together with her, we collaborated on this series about Ukraine. November 2022. And this is an excerpt from Shevchenko's verse about Ukraine… "O my thoughts, my heartfelt thoughts​" (1839-40) ("Dumy moji, dumy moji, / Lykho meni z vamy!") Думи мої, думи мої, Квіти мої, діти! Виростав вас, доглядав вас — Де ж мені вас діти?.. В Україну ідіть, діти! В нашу Україну, Попідтинню, сиротами, А я тут загину. Там найдете щире серце І слово ласкаве, Там найдете щиру правду, А ще, може, й славу... Привітай же, моя ненько! Моя Україно! Моїх діток нерозумних, Як свою дитину.

O my thoughts, my heartfelt thoughts, O my children, o my flowers, I have reared, watched over you, — Where to send you now ? Go then to Ukraine, my children, To Ukraine, so dear, Wander on like homeless orphans, I shall perish here. There a true heart you will find, A word of kindness for you, There, sincerity and truth, And even, maybe, glory... Bid them welcome, then, my mother, My Ukraine, and smile On these my children, still unwise, As on thy own true child.

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