Summer in the City

Artist Blog by Ariana Żukowski

Summer in the City is a set of photographs about the sweetness and vibrance of summer. Such vignettes include bare skin, citrus fruit, relaxation, and rhythmic light patterns created by a harsh sun. This blend of various details builds a visual schema of my zest for the season. In this particular series, color is the main thread, which binds the different textures, as the order is woven by a gradient of blue, green, and yellow hues.

One of the photographers who has greatly influenced me with their use of color is Christopher Anderson. His zine, "Bleu Blanc Rouge," combines street photography, portraiture, and still life, constructing a distinct poetic style of high contrast splashes of light and saturation, creating moods ranging from eerie to comforting. I am also deeply inspired by film, especially the methods of storytelling through varying styles of cinematography. The director, Krzysztof Kieślowski, uses the same palette in his "Three Colors Trilogy" (Blue, White, and Red). I recently watched the first of the series, "Blue," and was captivated by how cool hues tap into the character's painful memories as they navigate the grieving process. Additional directors that skillfully utilize color are Wong Kar Wai, Godard, and Wes Anderson, which all have had a profound impact on my work.

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