Taliban: Afghanistan's past threatens its future

Artist Blog by Ilir Tsouko

In October 2021, I flew to Kabul. Two months before, the Taliban had taken over the power of the country. My thoughts went to the artists of Afghanistan. What will happen to them? What kind of art will they produce? The future of Afghan artists under the Taliban remains uncertain, with concerns about artistic freedom, cultural heritage, and the struggles faced by contemporary artists. Yet, amidst these challenges, Afghan artists continue to defy oppression, finding innovative ways to express themselves and preserve their cultural identity. The painter told me: ‘In the darkest of times, art has the power to inspire hope and resilience. Artists offer a vision of a better future, for a society in freedom, with justice, and equality.’ Leaving Kabul, my thoughts were still with the artists. Their creativity, courage, and commitment to freedom of expression make them vital agents of resistance, challenging oppression and fostering the human spirit's unyielding desire for freedom and dignity. From the series “Taliban: Afghanistan's past threatens its future”.

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