The Photographic Studio

Artist Blog by Alena Schmick

Welcome to Studio Venus, my personal photographic playground, where I carefully watch bodies and couples in front of my camera. In Studio Venus the assumed power dynamic of a couple changes through my eyes. The man becomes the supporting character, formal composition material, while the woman ascends to the role of leading performer.Though I frame the shot, the control is always shifting from me to them. I watch the woman in front of my camera and how she is watching me. Playfully the model shows me different constructions of her beauty: soft, strong, athletic, curved. Our eye contact is only female and her face forces me to come closer. Her expression reveals her sexual desire, unbound in an intimate environment. The act of looking and the mutual exchange of our gaze provokes a fragile tension.We are both present in this workroom. An artist undisturbed by the male gaze and a model who plays with her body and her sexuality, somewhere between femininity and masculinity.

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