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The Portraits

Artist Blog by Eman Ali

My approach to portraiture is fluid and ever-changing. It’s a balance between capturing those quiet, in-between moments - the pauses and whispers that often go unnoticed - and arranging elements with the intention to create a visual story.

The world around me is a constant source of inspiration, from the subtle gestures of people to the ethereal patterns of light that playfully dance upon a given surface. Snippets of conversations, lines of poetry and verses from a song - all these fragments of existence spark ideas within me. I’ve learned to always be tuned in, even when I’m not actively photographing. If an idea comes to mind, I make sure to jot it down, preserving it for the right moment to bring to life. But amidst all the inspiration, it’s the people themselves who truly add depth and richness to my work. It’s so much fun collaborating with others to create a kind of magic.

The world of portraiture has expanded, breaking free from the confines of physical proximity. Capturing someone's portrait no longer requires us to be in the same room. Last year, I began shooting remotely for the first time, and it has brought me equal excitement as photographing someone in person. Undoubtedly, it has it’s own set of challenges and requires strong communication skills (something I’ve gotten better at!). Yet, it's incredibly exciting to witness how capturing portraits has transcended boundaries, all made possible by the advancements of technology.

I’ve come to understand that portraiture is more than just capturing the physical appearance of someone - it’s a reflection of how I see aspects of myself within others. It’s become an exploration of the vast spectrum of human experience, encompassing a range of emotions, vulnerabilities, and shared connections. When I look at my work, I can discern the moments when I felt a certain way, imprinted subtly within the frames. Often, it's a subconscious expression of my own inner world.

Through portraiture, I am reminded that we are not solitary beings, but rather participants in something far greater than ourselves and each person contributes their own unique story. My camera is, and always will be, a tool for self-discovery and empathy. It’s my trusty companion on my journey through life and I’m endlessly grateful for it.