Artist Blog by Ruben Accou

I trade my pictures with other photographers and artists whose work inspires me. It makes it possible to have a nice variation of great work on your wall without losing a fortune (money that is perhaps better spent to make that next series).

Doing so, I acquired work by Géraldine van Wessem, Peter Waterschoot, Brecht Van Maele, Bruno Roels (technically I still have to pick one, but the arrangement is made), Thomas Vandenberghe (same thing), a drawing by Anna Depalmenaer (pics can be seen in my previous posts) and a drawing by Eva Verschaeren (who was also a model for some photos in my series and provided the flowers for some as well).

This winter Peter Waterschoot, Bruno Roels, Lore Vanelslande, Thomas Vandenberghe and Matthias Yzebaert (aka Mayz) started ‘Give and Take’ – an expo with the goal to bring artists together so work can be exchanged (between two willing people, of course). The first one was a real succes and now they’re looking to go bigger.

I traded for an etch by Natasja Mabesoone and a pic of Thomas Nolf (technically, he claims to live in Brussels, but he roams the streets of Gent that often, I don’t really buy it). I’m still negotiating with Lore.