Weightless Being

Artist Blog by Hyejeong Yoo

[...] The light of the early morning touches the body of the figure. Time is not lost, on the contrary, it expands and connects the figure with an invisible phantom being. The video shows a figure caressing the air. Her subtle movements are repeated in an endless loop. Her touch of that weightless, invisible being makes us perceive the emptiness of an unknown. The comfort that a touch could give does not occur. Her hands are lost in the air.

Invisible yet present dust hovers around her hands as if the invisible being is trying to interact with her. The air, the material we need to live, transforms into an interstice between the present, the past, and the beyond. [...]

The question of absence and presence continues in my work, which can be seen in the video “I fall asleep to hear her bark.” This is an ongoing photo/videographic project in which I explore how to make presence felt through absence or through the reverse approach of working with the concept of weight.

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