Artist Feature of Ariana Żukowski

Lassitude is a project about the ambiguities between flatness and beauty found in the ever-changing landscapes of modern cities - at times indistinguishable from one another. Stemming from my own fears on how to move in a bustling, individualistic metropolis, I seek moments of vagary to connect with my environment, in order to make sense of it. These compositions hint at the mental fatigue we experience from striving for success and our tendency to conform to the roles we are expected to play at work. They convey the pressure and chaos of modern society, which pushes individuals to seek out brief moments of respite or distraction.

The visual style of the series juxtaposes people and objects of modernity: a bouquet of flowers wrapped in a sheen of plastic, a statue portraying anxiety, and a sculpture highlighting the concept of growth. In my mind, these captures are contrasted by the movement and the variable pace of workers and recreationists - either towards a narrowly defined progress or taking a break from its path. Together the photos represent the possibility of reoccurring arrangements of individuals and their habits, which can be witnessed in forms subtly altered, yet reassuringly familiar, from one city to the next.

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