The Day After Tomorrow

Artist Feature of Eric Asamoah

Austria–based Ghanaian photographer Eric Asamoah debuted his first monograph entitled The Day After Tomorrow. In his photo series, Asamoah shows us young men through time, finding contentment within the transitions of boyhood to adult-hood."As my environment and surroundings evolve, I often think about the concept of time and what it does to us, how the past is still present today and will also have an influence on tomorrow. Starting a new journey can be exciting, but stepping up to something you don’t know, and leaving the past behind can be frightening for some people – young adults who are in the coming-of-age journey are included. Once you understand the journey, you begin to operate differently as a person and start to question your surroundings, past beliefs, dreams and yourself. You begin to seek the truth, be vulnerable and honest about yourself and slowly find your true colors. This is a beautiful and complex process to appreciate and to enjoy. It will not always be rosy and peachy, but at the end of the day, you’ll find peace during the process – if not today, if not tomorrow, then eventually the day after tomorrow. There is a sense of calm, exploration, and patience in the images and throughout the whole series, because it seems they [the subjects] are preparing for the day when they will find their peace, the answers and themselves."