A Strange Attraction

Artist Feature of Jade Joannès

"A Strange Attraction" is a documentary series that I started in 2019. It traces my explorations in my home region, the Oise, and the region where I now live in the north of France. Between interior and exterior, private and public spaces, I went in search of anecdotes, details, and common similarities between these two places. Through silent photographs where only traces of human presence remain, I wanted to create several levels of meaning. I focused first on what was suggestive, in an emotional rather than rational way. The objects and events come to life, they arouse intrigue, surprise, wonder, spark our imaginations, collective or childlike. In a different way, it is in the countryside and cities where objects accumulate, the streets darken and the fields catch fire, that these photographs begin to raise more engaged, social, cultural, environmental or political issues. The images depict that marvelous and unexpected side of everyday reality, in which a more complex reality reveals changing places, impacted by the action of people on their environment, whether intimate or larger scale.