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Droa - Georgia on the move

Artist Feature of Jana Islinger

Georgia, located at the easternmost end of Europe, is caught in the tension of a conflict between pro-Western reorientation and the historically Russian sphere of influence, which is reflected in the entire society.

Droa [„It‘s time“] is a photographic search for the identity of a country between the dream about Europe, the fear of Russia, and the consequences of years of oppression.

A central role of the work is the Soviet Russian legacy and the transition from it to a - supposedly - independent system. I have accompanied people who are struggling in capitalism, lagging behind in change, and finding comfort in their faith. But also those who are already born in an independent Georgia. They fight for a more self-determined life, far away from the conservative views of the older generation, and demand a rapprochement with the EU. Also thematized are the breakaway territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which fell into a war of secession due to Russia's influence. I have portrayed those who have lost their homeland but not the hope to return one day. Different parties and organizations form another part of my work. They try to fight against domestic events and powerful elites, which are infiltrated by Russia, and want to liberalize the country.

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