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Blank Verse

Artist Feature of Maria Siorba

“Blank Verse” focuses on the subject of observing and searching deeply within the soul and inner landscape of others, as we embark on a journey of self-discovery. The images draw inspiration from a melancholic feeling that arises from the difficulty to understand and trust others or our own senses, while this question is frequently flickering in my mind: How does a modern, dishonest environment affect our sense of self, reality and judgment quality?

Throughout our lives, accurately reading human nature can be challenging for several reasons, including our upbringing and individual character formation, while the ‘relational self theory’, originated in both philosophy and psychology, proposes that interactions with others are crucial in shaping our sense of self which explains our need to borrow other eyes or seeing mechanisms. In addition, the presence of mental malfunctions from either party, adds an intriguing aspect to the attempt of mutual mentalization.

Through photography, we are granted the ability to use the eyes of a camera, immersing ourselves in a context where we can present our perspectives authentically, no matter how unconventional they may be. Camera becomes our personal ‘reality testing’ tool and the medium allows us to express our own voices and connect with our viewers on a deeper level, tapping into their unique identities and senses, hopefully leading them to a destination that resonates with them. In my work, I experiment with a post-representational approach that takes inspiration from symbolism and archetypes to delve into and experiment with the collective and individual unconsciousness.