Artist Feature of Sarah Stone

A decade is nearing since I departed the United Kingdom and in those ten years, I have barely reconciled with it. What I left behind was a dispersed and fragmented family, sheltered in a picturesque landscape. However, years went by, and I found myself dwelling in a field of romanticism. When I returned briefly one sweltering summer, I rolled out a series of photographs within a flash. I was struck by all that bathed in the almighty sunshine or under the white moonlight. I was a tourist in my own home. Through the act of photographing, I began to re-connect, not only with the landscape, the language, and the architecture; but most importantly, with my mother, who became my English muse. In an attempt to reconcile with what has been lost to the vanished days, ‘ANNA’ is a woven tapestry that softly and sensitively traces over her past. The camera becomes the thread to embroider with, stitching together moments spent in the company of the woman who raised me, amid the wild English countryside. ANNA was photographed by Sarah Stone, between 2020 and 2022 in Somerset and Mid-Wales.