As Big As The Sky

Artist Feature of Seth Adam Cook

"As Big as the Sky" is a personal and emotional exploration of loss, memory, and identity. This series is inspired by my mother, who passed away from cancer, and the memories and moments we shared. Growing up, my mother would tell my brother and me that she loved us "bunches and bunches, as big as the sky." This phrase stuck with me, and I never realized how much it would mean to me until she was gone.

A week before she went into surgery, she gave me a camera, which had been a part of her life that she had never shared with me. This camera became a tool for me to navigate my grief and reflect on the spiritual absence in my family following her death. I began photographing my family and the places and people that reminded me of her, using both her camera and my own as a way of coping with her passing. The series is my way of holding onto her memory and the shared passion we had for photography.

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