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Discover Der Greif’s Community of Artists at Paris Photo


Paris Photo is back at the Grand Palais Ephémère and Der Greif invites you to join for the launch of our Issue 16 on November 9. The 2023 issue, titled “Common Love”, marks Der Greif collaboration with Iranian-born artist Shirin Neshat as guest-editor. Join us for the pre-launch of Der Greif #16 on November 9, 5 - 7.30 pm in the Paris Photo Media Lounge, at the Grand Palais Ephémère. After the pre-launch, we welcome you to our special release event at 8.30 pm at L’INAPERÇU,65 Rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris. Come celebrate with us and some of the participating artists with an open bar and DJ. At L’INAPERÇU, an installation of the magazine will be on display. We’re looking forward to celebrating with you! Please RSVP for the event.

This year’s fair edition is led by Catalan Artistic Director Anna Planas, whose aim has been that of reinforcing emerging artist and female artists’ visibility. After more than 7 years with Magnum, Anna Planas co-founded Temple, a gallery stemming from the wish to experiment with the photographic medium. She has managed the Paris-based Delpire & Co. publishing house, bookshop and gallery.

The 26th edition of Paris Photo is bringing together 133 exhibiting galleries from 33 countries. If you’re wondering where to start your visit, follow our dedicated guide focusing on Der Greif collaborating artists.

Bindi Vora’s photobook “Mountains of Salt” has been shortlisted for the 2023 Paris Photo-Aperture PhotoBook Awards in the First Book category. “Mountain of Salt” revels in the tension between the micro and macro, the individual and collective, and the personal and political, teasing out and making connections between the individual events and linguistic armatures that come to build broader historical eras and movements. The book was published by Perimeter Books.

Milani Gallery presents Iranian-born artist Hoda Hafshar’s work “In Turn”, a body of work inspired by social media images of women braiding each other’s hair in public: a rebellious act that echoes a practice of female Kurdish fighters preparing for battle. This work was catalyzed by the women-led protest movement sparked by the death of Mahsa Jina Amini, an Iranian Kurdish woman arrested in September 2022 for not following Iran’s strict female dress codes.

Manon Lanjouèr’s latest photobook “Les Particules'' is showcased by The Eyes Publishing. Through the game of mimesis, the artist replaces the real and anticipates a future through a projective image. Plastic waste, recovered from beaches and bins, allows her to reproduce these underwater species using a scientific and documentary approach, frontally on a cyanotype background.

Spanish photographer and filmmaker Gloria Oyarzabal sets the focus of her investigation on Africa in the project “Usus Fructus Abusus”, investigating how the processes of colonization and decolonization, or neo-colonization, have affected the idea of Africa and African feminisms. She’s represented by RocioSantaCruz Gallery.

Persons Projects presents works by Grey Crawford, whose photographs of installations of glass and metal plates in the Mojave Desert in Southern California between 1975 and 1977 were published in a small print-run entitled “El Mirage”. His black-and-white and color photographs are experimental sightings.

Milja Laurila is also represented by Persons Project at this year's Paris Photo. She is interested in the relationship between words and images and in the recontextualization of archival scientific photographs and texts under the quest of what happens to those images when decontextualized from their original context.

Setareh Gallery presents Sebastien Riemer’s works. Painterly qualities, the effect of materiality and states of decay of the photographic material are at the center of Riemer’s practice. His artistic approach enables image scientific, media reflexive as well as aesthetic examinations of the visual medium.

Pixy Liao’s works will be visible at the Belgian Stieglitz19 Gallery booth. She has been selected among 38 other artists in the Elles x Paris Photo path, curated this year by Fiona Rogers and the V&A Parasol Foundation. This programme, initiated in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, is supported by Kering Women In Motion.

Pay a visit to Rayan Lee Gallery’s stand to see Maria Antelman’s works. She combines juxtapositions of bodies, machines, archetypes, symbols, natural elements to construct analog structures where frames shape installative artworks. These are sculptural photographic works representing transformative, almost mythological⁣ narratives.

Isabelle Wenzel is present at the fair with the representation of Galerie Anita Beckers. Her images are created using the basic element of photography: staging as a form of body expression and exploration. The artist’s body performs for the camera in a self-conducted documentation where control and improvisation convey the essence of human movements.

Represented by the Parisian gallery Les Filles du Calvaire, Laia Abril is a Catalan artist whose work relates to bio-politics, grief and women rights. She resorts to photography, archival documents and multimedia devices to create projects that are engaged, inherent in feminist issues and marked by sociological, historical and anthropological considerations.

Robert Morat Galerie represents Hannah Hughes at Paris Photo as last year. Her work occupies multiple states at once, spanning from photography to sculpture. Her still lifes and assemblages physicality-conveying images: photography is to her a medium allowing the ephemeral to solidify becoming surface, yet body.

Represented by Robert Morat Galerie is also Roger Eberhard. His latest work “Escapism” is reminiscent of pop art and even impressionism having clear references to other more contemporary artworks. The archetypical aesthetics seem like an ode to the planet’s ecosystem, at a time when its collapse is imminent.