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A Breakdown of One Small Sequence

Artist Blog by Zexuan Zeng

Slicing and storing a moment is probably just the beginning of the work. I always carry a small camera with me and when taking a picture I don't think too much about it, in fact, most of the time I don't know why I'm pressing the shutter. So a long time ago I started training like this - or rather just trying to have some fun. To pull out some of my everyday photos from the past weeks or even months and see if I could express my mood at the moment or create a new story. As the different frames were reorganized, I finally felt a sense of why I shot it.

It's funny how these photos all came from different time occasions and I never thought they would end up being put together in this way. That hydrogen balloon in the sunshine was taken at a sunset six months ago, I truly feel that many of these photos only become something I might call art when they find their places.

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