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A Wilderness - Book & Exhibition

Artist Blog by Russ Thompson

A Wilderness was always a book project. There are a lot of ideas moving through the images, and the body of a book encapsulates them into their own place - which feels appropriate given how the images play ways of constructing the world. I wanted the book to feel like the places where the images were made - far enough off the path to be enveloped, but not out into chaos. The images are almost entirely full bleed, and those few that aren’t span the gutter and there is no stabilizing blank paper to be found. Some pages come in different sizes, showing other images behind them, entangled with them. The white coil admits that the book is a construction and becomes part of the images, even echoing some of the artifacts in the images.

For the wall, the images come in different scales asking the viewer to move in and out of the work. Some images live closer to each other, asking to be viewed together or in relation, while others stand apart wanting their own consideration.