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About Ping Pong

Artist Blog by Anna Kadykova

They say that a schizophrenic never dwells on the question of whether he is schizophrenic. So if you're asking yourself if I'm schizophrenic, it means you're not schizophrenic. Unfortunately, it doesn't work shit like that with talent. You keep asking yourself, am I talented? And it doesn’t give you an answer. There's no need for it. Maybe it's better not to ask, maybe it's better to do all sorts of things, to start many different things at the same time, to start and quit, the main thing is to finish something sometimes.

Sometimes it helps me to keep swimming. Photography is not my only passion. I also do animation, production, drawings and even try to figure out how to produce films. A couple of times I made my own handmade awards for one festival.

Switching between different things helps a lot. In a study about the psychology of creativity, I read that ideas come at the moment when a person switches from one thing to another. In the moments when he starts or finishes working on something. That's when it can hit you. And it's true, I finally figured out how to end my animated film when I got distracted from work and went to blow my nose.

And here's another marvelous discovery: the game of ping pong. We often go to play ping-pong to take a break from work.

I think and then I try to ping pong the thoughts away.