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About the Moth

Artist Blog by Anna Kadykova

They say that the biggest moth on earth is the Attacus atlas or the Atlas moth - with a wingspan measuring up to 24 cm (9.4 in). And the smallest moth is Stigmella maya with the forewing measuring just 1.2 mm.

So I guess self confidence is like a moth - it can be small and it grows, sometimes it grows big and beautiful. It’s always fragile. And that moth is never bigger than yourself.

You can’t be sure about everything everywhere and every second of your life. That’s one.

If you are trying to create something that is supposed to be the process of art - to come up with something new, not to copy something you have already seen or heard, but to literally invent it, then you are doing something you are not yet familiar with, you don't yet know what it is or how to do it. So can you be confident in something you don't know yet? Well, probably not. Well, definitely not. That's two.

Insecurity and talent come in the same package, if you have talent, insecurity has probably been slipped into your cart as well. They come together like cheap shampoo, head&shoulders, 2 in 1, you can’t buy it separately. Just can’t. Sometimes talented people seem confident and even obnoxiously arrogant, but I think it's all a cover for their own fragility. After all, inside them sits a moth just as fragile as the one inside you. That’s three.

So maybe doubt isn't just normal, it's the only possible path when we think about art?