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Abundance, Hurricanes and Destruction

Artist Blog by Anne Gabriel-Jürgens

Since the topic of climate change in coastal areas, its causes and effects, and the role of humans in it, is relevant all over the world, I didn't want to limit myself to just Europe. I used trips to other places, mostly places of memory from my childhood, to take a closer look here too. At the beginning of 2023, I came to Florida, where Hurricane Ian had destroyed a large part of the west coast around Fort Mayers just 3 months earlier.

On the way there I drove through the swamps of the Everglades, which have been on the World Heritage List in Danger since 2010 because increasing environmental pollution and interference with the water balance threaten the natural water reservoir and habitat of countless animal species.

Florida is often described as “ground zero” for climate change, global warming and sea level rise because most of its population and economy are concentrated on the low-lying seacoast and, by 2060, coastal cities in the sunshine state are predicted to become barely livable. Nevertheless, huge office buildings and residential complexes continue to be built directly on the coast.

Anne Gabriel-Jürgens is part of »Guest Room: Bindi Vora & Justine Ellis«.

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