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Artist Blog by Ingeborg Everaerd

This is a story about the search for my son’s roots and the bond between us.

Since my son left our house at the age of 21 to live in an assisted home, the distance between us has increased. Literally and figuratively. That's why I wanted to take my son back to the country where he was born. A search ~ búsqueda ~ for his roots, with a little hope that it would awaken something in him.

But the chance that you build a bond with a place that you have left around your first birthday is small. And it doesn't get bigger if your body and mind have suffered considerable scars because you were born 14 weeks early.

It wasn’t an easy trip. Often my son was very quiet and introverted. I couldn’t figure out what he was feeling or thinking. It made me sad to see him like this. Later he would say to me: “Mom, I was a little overwhelmed”

I will let you travel. You will see the love that I cherish for my son. It is a journey through Colombia, it is a journey through the emotional world of a complicated, but loving mother-son relationship. Life as it is. A continuous search.

I also created a video from this project where I combined my photographs with rap lyrics written and performed by my son.

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