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Christopher & Chrissy

Artist Blog by Angelika Kollin

When Christopher Samuel Braaf, a 56-year-old man, lost his beloved wife Gloria, with whom he had shared 30 years of companionship, his world crumbled. Both Christopher and Gloria were practitioners of herbalism, contributing to their local community by providing teas and ointments made with detailed care and indigenous wisdom.

In Gloria's absence, Christopher redirected all his love and time into helping his only daughter Selin raise her two young children. Little Chrissy, a 4-year-old boy, spends his entire day in the company of his wise grandfather. Together, they go on daily rides on an old bicycle to the mountains before sunrise, where they gather herbs and spring water. The afternoons are spent sorting herbs and making ointments.

In his youth, Christopher had acquired indigenous knowledge from his bush doctor grandfather. Now, he imparts the same wisdom to his grandchild Chrissy. This newfound role has given Christopher's life a new meaning and joy, creating a deep and lasting bond between a grandfather and a grandson.

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