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Crowds on the Coast

Artist Blog by Anne Gabriel-Jürgens

After delving deeper into the topic of climate change in coastal areas, its causes and effects, and the role of humans in it, during the winter months on the Balearic coast of Spain, I decided to travel to Rimini during the high season to explore the origins of mass tourism. The longing for relaxation by the sea, fresh fish, sun and beach for the whole family first developed there in the 1950s due to the emerging economic boom and a new middle class. Due to its shallow tide, more than half of the Italian coast is now built up very close to the coast and is financially dependent on annual tourism. What once emerged in Rimini continues on a gigantic scale in coastal regions all over the world.

Anne Gabriel-Jürgens is part of »Guest Room: Bindi Vora & Justine Ellis«.

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