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Delving Into Collage

Artist Blog by Masha Svyatogor

I would like to write a few words about the medium of collage and its role in my artistic practice.

I started making my first analog collages in 2012-2013 while studying at university.

Naturally, since that time my approach has become more complicated and conceptualized. It is quite possible that my background (I studied literature at university) influenced my method. When I create work in collage technique, I always strive to tell a story.

For me, collage has never been just a combination of random heterogeneous elements for the sake of formal experiments or games with aesthetics. It's more like playing with different contexts, a way to tell a different story, or literally gluing/reassembling a new narrative by bringing together different sources and artifacts.

Collage has gradually become for me a powerful resource, method, and tool that allows me to focus on social and political issues. I believe that its potential and possibilities are really wide.

What I really like about collage is the opportunity to work with the material that already exists, with the reality surrounding me, which I observe and document with my camera, and as a result, something new grows out of these puzzles and fragments of reality.

I also really like the accessibility of this medium. I do not have a budget for the production of large and technically complex works. Sometimes you essentially recycle old stuff that no one needs, and sometimes, if you're lucky, you create new meanings. Thanks to the combination of various sources, parts, and pieces new connections are formed that are unpredictable and unexpected.

In the process of work, I usually grab onto a visual image, which is a kind of framework for creating a whole. The image gives rise to a chain of associations, and the idea often arises in the process of gathering parts. This is a kind of constructor, puzzle, or mosaic, which I assemble first in my head and then lay out on paper or other material.

In this post, you can see my works (both analog and digital) from different series and periods.

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