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Hippie Mama

Artist Blog by Angelika Kollin

Every person we encounter, every moment we breathe through, extends an open invitation for our hearts to expand. It might feel daunting more often than not, yet that's precisely where leaning on trust comes into play. Yet, trusting only feels effortless when it’s NOT what once wounded us deeply, when it’s NOT frightening and agonizing.

However, our existence falters without following our heart's longing for real connection; we wander aimlessly through the external world without our willingness to embrace vulnerability. We imprison ourselves away from true intimacy if we don't venture beyond the confines of our body and the familiar bounds of our comfort zone.

Three years ago, Valerie's world was plunged into darkness when she tragically lost her daughter to domestic violence. The light in her eyes and heart dimmed, leaving her in the depths of grief.

About a year and a half ago, Valerie took a courageous step and opened a small tea stand offering her unique tea blends and products created by local artists. To her surprise, this modest establishment became a gathering place for many local young adults, mostly artists, seeking a sense of belonging. Along with tea, they found comfort in Valerie's love and affection.

Valerie's tea stand provided invaluable support and solace to these young individuals. They affectionately referred to her as their "Hippie Mama," finding in her a refuge during difficult times in their lives. Not a day goes by without Valerie missing her daughter, but she has channeled her tragedy into creating a meaningful future, offering a place of comfort for others who are struggling.

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