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Home Is Where I Lay My Eggs / R2I Residency

Artist Blog by Katerina Tsakiri

After my recovery from breast cancer and the completion of “The Smiley Cut” I continued the journey on my artistic practice with my participation at the residency Return2Ithaca.

During the residency I let myself free to connect with the place and get inspired by the fellow artists and curators.

I tried to find ways to express my initial question that I arrived to the island with. Where is “Home”?

Is it the place where your family created you or the place where you will create your own?

I turned my focus again into my body and the limitations that it has set for me and I created a project that consists of video performances and photographs of the island’s nature.

Inspired by the Nymphs in Greek mythology, I began to connect my body with the shapes of the natural environment. I felt my senses merge with the water. I met my body in the sight of felled trees, their peeled trunks and hollows.

The result of the work I produced is a combination of references from Greek mythology and Homer's Odyssey concepts merged into autobiographical subjects.

The video performance “Home is Where I Lay My Eggs” is a symbolic act of throwing my last eggs into the sea and leaving behind me the possibility to create my own family.

Since I am an expat in Sweden I decided to receive my treatment here and freeze my eggs in the Swedish public hospital which leads me to be in between two countries: Greece - the place that my family is, and Sweden - the place that my future family could be.