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I Climbed Across My Two Little Mountaintops / The deconstruction of my body, the breast as an entity.

Artist Blog by Katerina Tsakiri

During my research project “I Climbed Across My Two Little Mountaintops” and the creation of the photographic series I aimed to present alternative narrations on my breasts. I wanted to deconstruct their notion and to be able to see them as an entity that defines my identity as a woman.

I aimed to deconstruct the image of the breasts and their stereotypical connotations by creating a dialogue between the subject and the medium.

The visual identity of the breasts was in a continuous transition. The breasts became a photograph, the photograph became an object, the object became a breast and then they became a photograph again.

I wanted to introduce playfulness and humor which led me into the creation of the gifs “Lost in Flesh”. The viewer could literally get lost into an environment dominated by pale flesh and breasts.

The ironic coincidence is that a year later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The grandiosity I saw in the breasts had just been justified in a personal aspect. I felt that the environment I created had come into life and my whole existence depended on my left mammary gland.

Gladly enough I realized that the work and the focus I gave for two whole years on my breasts worked as the absolute farewell and helped me to accept the separation of my body part.