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I Climbed Across My Two Little Mountaintops / The Photo Series

Artist Blog by Katerina Tsakiri

“I Climbed Across My Two Little Mountaintops” is the product of my research work and artistic practice on the female breasts.

I started it in 2019 during my MFA in Photography at HDK-Valand.

The work consists of photographic series, gifs and video performances.

I looked at the political, religious and cultural history of the Western Civilization’s culture and the ways they managed to form the perception of the female breasts.

During my practice I used my own body as a field of experimentation. It was essential, to me, to include my body into the work since my identity as a woman has been shaped by the way my body is perceived in the society that I have been raised and lived/live in.

I used references and symbolisms from Christianity - and more specifically from Saint’s Agatha story - and I transformed the breasts into an object of worship. They became the protagonists of my work. They existed either as an image or as a notion.