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Love Has No Color, Gender, Age, Race or Religion

Artist Blog by Ingeborg Everaerd

As a white Mom with two wonderful kids, adopted from different backgrounds, we've faced some challenges. People sometimes say or do things that show their lack of understanding, or worse, disapproval. It's tough when others judge a picture because it doesn't match their idea of what's normal.

But love doesn't care about color, gender, age, race, or religion. Love is universal. So, I created this project to show that love overcomes all these prejudices. No one should feel limited in whom they love.

I used my old Polaroid SX 70 cameras for this project. They’re unpredictable, just like life. You never know exactly how a picture will turn out, just like you never know how people will react. Scratches and damage on the scanned Polaroids symbolize the scars from judgment.

I want this project to spark conversations, challenge perceptions, and foster understanding. Love is simple, and it's time we embrace it without restrictions.

The realization of this project has been made possible through the generous support of the Freelance Photographers Support Fund.

A part of this work is included in the beautiful book "The Magic of Instant Photography - Polaroid in the Netherlands", written and compiled by Sjef van Duin and Arno Bauman.

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