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My Fantasies Are Turning Into Yours (From “Du und Ich” Series)

Artist Blog by Julie Batteux

These three motifs are reminiscent of dream scenes in which the darkness of the night envelops the human body and swallows limbs. Others are reminiscent of surreal, bizarre, monstrous, and obscene motifs, in which overwhelming nature overpowers the human body and reclaims its place, and man subordinates himself.

This poetic imagery talks about my fantasies and shows my mental state at the time. At that time I felt the feeling of loneliness and sadness. I had a close bond with the people in the photos. So I exposed myself to them and shared my fantasies with them and they slipped into a role. While taking photos they were able to identify more and more with this role. They also projected their own feelings.

In the end, my intention became an interplay between my imagination and the reaction and projection of the people in the picture.

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